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SG Billing was created to help with billing issues that so many licensed behavioral healthcare providers deal with.

We takes all the guesswork out of billing so you can concentrate on patient management.

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SG Billing has Experienced Insurance Billing Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the health care industry. Skilled in billing process, mental health care, management, time management, and healthcare.

A Conversation with Sieda

As a Mental Health Care Provider your Practice is comprised of two parts the "front end" and the "back end". While your main FOCUS is your Patient's health and well being it can be favorable to delegate the Billing and processing of said patient's insurance to a dedicated partner.

Sieda speaks on this topic from experience.

Case Study:

When took over doing the insurance billing for a

company that was waiting to receive payments from 1-2 months out.


"This was a typical time frame for the average bill processing in the office."


The company was not used to receiving payments in a timely manner due to lack of knowledge. I was able to show them how the billing could be done on the same day, and they could receive payments within a 2 week time frame.


Once I took over doing the insurance  billing for the company they received regular payments every week from the insurance companies.

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