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Unlock the Power of Seamless Billing Administration
for Your Private Therapy Practice!

Are you a private therapist seeking to elevate your practice by simplifying the complexities of billing administration? Look no further – your solution is just a click away!

At SG Billing Services LLC, we understand the unique challenges private therapists face in managing their billing processes efficiently. We are excited to offer you an exclusive opportunity to sign up for more information about our specialized billing administration services tailored specifically for private therapists like you.


Expert Insights:

Gain access to expert insights into optimizing your billing processes, ensuring accuracy, and maximizing reimbursements.

Time-Saving Strategies:

Learn time-saving strategies and tools that allow you to focus more on your clients and less on administrative tasks.

Tailored Solutions:

Discover customized billing solutions designed to meet the unique needs of private therapists, enhancing your practice's financial efficiency.


Stay Informed:

Stay ahead of industry changes, regulations, and best practices to navigate the evolving landscape of mental health billing.

Exclusive Offers:

Be the first to receive exclusive offers and promotions when you choose to partner with SG Billing Services LLC for your billing administration needs.

How to Sign Up:

It's easy! Simply click the "Sign Up Now" button below, and you'll be on your way to transforming your billing administration experience. Take the first step toward a more streamlined, efficient, and rewarding private therapy practice.


Delegate “Your” Billing, Focus on “There” Healing
Boutique Administrative Billing customi
zed for you!
Up to 30 days of Backlogged Billing processing!

Let us help you get all you deserve

30 day Introductory Processing:
Discover scope, access credentials, set rate

Take away a third of the job for a better workflow


SG Billing Becomes “YOUR Billing Solution”

Let us navigate the insurance gauntlet for you
We can Contact/Receive Patient information (If Requested)*
Hippa compliance, Patient confidentiality, zero patient contact,

*Extended administration processing as needed approved by you for:

troubleshooting insurance claims, investigations into patient coverage, etc.
*Administrative task can be added at an additional fee:Emailing patients, collecting payments, etc

Your Business is only a portion of you day to day responsibilities, SG Billing can help streamline the busywork and get you back to your most effective parts of your day. Maybe take a lunch break ;-)


SG Billing Services: We’re here to help

Join the growing community of private therapists who have revolutionized their billing processes with SG Billing Services LLC. Let us empower you to focus on what you do best – providing exceptional care to your clients.
Don't miss out on this opportunity!
Sign up today, and let's embark on a journey to enhance the financial health of your private therapy practice.

Here's to a more efficient and prosperous future for your private therapy practice!


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