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Grow as a Mental Health Provider by Delegating the Billing

Starting a new practice? Let SG Biliing help you start on the right foot. When going independent, Newly graduating or Starting a private practice there are many aspects of your job that need your undivided attention. Don’t let the billing and insurance Fulfillment slow you down here at SG Billing we handle the back end so you can focus on the important part.

What can members do?

Once our lines of communication are established we in turn reach out to all of your processing companies to ensure that your Practice is handled properly. A healthy (digital) paper trail encourages top notch results with problem solving roots used to correct error swiftly.


You can cut out many processing headaches by making sure your patient's insurance is eligible for billing BEFORE an appointment.

We can make those calls!

Here’s how we help:

  1. Handles insurance companies

  2. Saves you time and effort

  3. Streamline efficiency at your practice

  4. Reduce overhead

  5. Increase collections

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